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Centering Solutions helps you find more peace and ease in the things you have to do so you can spend more time doing the things
that bring you joy.

You have amazing ideas and you're trying to do amazing things for the world (even just your little corner of it). Being organized and having supportive systems in place means more of your energy gets to go to more of those amazing things.


I work with you to figure out your biggest organizational needs, develop a plan that meets you where you're at, and provide support and insight as we build, implement, adjust, and maintain a personalized system to get you organized and keep you centered. 

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It's not about doing more
just to do more.

You deserve to have the space to do more of what you love.

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Meet the Founder

Kate Tosteson started Centering Solutions when she realized that her ability to "make sense of the mess" was actually her superpower - one she could use to engage her passion for helping people make their lives easier.

As a high school English teacher and later the Training Director of an internship management company, Kate noticed that many of the people she worked with really wanted to simplify and get organized, but they ran into one--or more--of the following problems:

  • They were just too overwhelmed to make changes on their own

  • They were so comfortable with their usual way of doing things that they stuck with them--even when those usual ways didn't work anymore

  • They were trying out new ways, but they were having trouble staying consistent and accountable

  • They were so wrapped up in their bigger goals and ideas that they hadn't taken time to figure out the day-to-day systems to support those goals and ideas

They needed someone with a mind for organization and systems, someone who could ask "What if we did this instead?" and could support them in making and implementing a plan to help them get where they wanted to be.

Tidy Desk


Organizational Habits

Inbox Maintenance

Document Creation and Organization


Tech Tools

(e.g. Google Workspace, Notion)

Learn more about the ways I can help you
get organized and
stay centered.

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