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How Picking My Cup Helps Me Fill My Cup

I, like many people, thoroughly enjoy my morning cup of coffee. Some of the best sounds at that time of day are the gurgles coming from the coffeemaker letting me know a fresh pot is ready to pour into my cup.

Now, I could just reach for whatever clean cup is in the cabinet, but I like to turn this time of day into a sort of ritual by asking myself, "Which cup?"

Each of the cups in my current rotation has a unique saying or design, and by attaching some meaning to those sayings and designs, answering that question of "Which cup?" gives me a chance to do a quick and pretty honest check-in about how I'm feeling or how I want to feel as I move into my day.

For example, one of my mugs is pale green and says "Strong As a Mother." Reaching for this one means I'm either feeling pretty good about things or needing a little extra motivation to feel good about things (and to be honest, the latter is more often the case). Maybe I've been struggling to meet a goal at work or parenting has been particularly challenging the last few days - whatever the case, this mug tends to give me a boost.

When I'm definitely feeling positive or I know there's a new experience in store for the day, then it's time for the "let the adventure begin" mug: First day with a new client? Pull out the mug. Heading off with the fam to explore a new beach or hiking trail? Yeah, we all need some adventure in our lives. I realize I haven't pulled this mug out in a while. . .might be time to try something new soon. . .

A grey coffee cup with white crisscrossing lines, black flecks, and a chip on the left side of the rim

My most-used mug is what I like to think of as my "neutral" mug - when I pick this one, I'm acknowledging that the day could go one way or the other and I'm okay letting things fall where they may. This simple but solid mug also a bit of a chip in it, which I actually like because it's more true to life - we can't go through it without a few chips, but that doesn't mean we can't stay solid and fulfill our purpose.

A few of my other mugs:

- "Grow with the flow" - for when I'm anxious about something coming up

- "For the Weekend" mug - IYKYK

- "Be Present" - always good to have a reminder

- "THE CIRCUS ARRIVES WITHOUT WARNING" - the day has unexpectedly imploded and I need to acknowledge that and have a small cup in the afternoon to help me through

I never really know which mug I'll pick on any given day, but I like having various options because they give me a chance to meet myself where I'm at each day. That little bit of kindness and recognition that I'm a human being who can show up in different ways is probably even more helpful than the coffee.

But I'll still keep the coffee.

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