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clean white desk with blank notebook, pencils, coffee mug, keyboard

Get Organized.
Stay Centered.

Personalized guidance from a teacher-turned-organizing-master

to get you out of information overwhelm and into calm and ease.

In order to be calm and in control of
Your Life, Your Business, or Your Home,
you need habits, tools, and systems
to keep you organized and centered.



You consistently miss the small-but-important tasks that help things run smoothly 

cluttered desk with laptop

You're suffocated by clutter (physical and/or digital) 

messy pile of papers

You and your team aren't on the same page because the pages are all over the place

fire extinguisher

You feel like you're constantly putting out fires

water going down drain

You give away your energy to the wrong things


You have no foundation to build back on when life inevitably happens

Ocean sunrise

You deserve to find peace and ease in the things you have to do so that you have more time and energy
to do what brings you joy.

Kate Tosteson at desk writing in notebook

Meet Kate,
Your Organizing Guide

Ever feel like you're doing all "the things" but still can't get it together? Yeah, me too.

As a business owner, mom, and teacher, I've experienced the hard truth that color-coding alone won't take care of the stress and overwhelm I can feel when life comes at me. I know firsthand how important organizational systems are to my business, my family, and my own mental health.


I also know that every business, family, and person has unique needs and ways of doing things. My role is to listen to and work with you to figure out your personal needs and ways of doing things. I then use my extensive real-life experience to bring in techniques and tools that I know can work, and tailor them to meet your needs.

3 Simple Steps to Get Organized

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1. Schedule a
FREE discovery call

During this no-strings-attached conversation, we'll figure out your biggest organizational needs. You'll then receive a detailed proposal

of how we can go about getting you centered and organized.

hand holding Post-it
2. Build and implement your personalized system

Go from disorganized and overwhelmed to organized and in control with an effective, manageable, and consistent plan that works for

your life and/or business. 

surfer on beach at sunset
3. Take control of your life

Find ease in the have-to-dos so you can find more joy and time for the want-to-dos.

My Promise To You

sunshine over clouds

Go From Surviving to Thriving

Before: Stressed, Fragmented, Disorganized, Reactive

After: Calm, Centered, Organized, Intentional

Nina, Parenting Coach in MN

"Kate has transformed the way that my family and I organize our lives. We went from chaos and piles of paper to-do lists, to a streamlined solution that keeps everything in one place. This saves me time, prevents me from forgetting important tasks or events, and allows me to better allocate my time to personal and professional priorities."

Personalized Organizing Services

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Contact Kate

I can't wait to hear from you!

Please fill out the form below so I can see what I can do to help.

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